Forgery Identification

hand writing a signature

Our Experience

We have experience identifying hand-writing and signature forgeries for various purposes including fraud investigations, estate litigation and divorce litigation. 

Forgery Identification in Fraud Investigations

Many fraud schemes involve the use of hand-writing forgeries. The identification of forgeries can assist our clients with pursuing criminal charges against individuals involved in the fraud scheme. 

Sample Cases:

  1. Company funds were removed without authorization when an employee forged the presidentns signature of a series of cheques. We identified the forgeries and the identity of the forger.
  2. A bookkeeper forged a bank transfer authorization resulting in a material loss of funds to an organization. We confirmed that the authorizing signature was a forgery and identified the forger.
  3. An employee forged third party documents in order to obtain financing. We identified the forged documents and the identity of the forger. 

Forgery Identification in Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, in estate litigation, there are concerns regarding whether the hand-writing or signatures noted on wills or other important documents are true signatures. Our review of signatures can assist in gaining some comfort in these areas. 

Sample files:

  1. A will was signed just prior to the death of an individual. We identified the signature as a forgery and identified the forger.
  2. A caregiver of an elderly man routinely forged his signature on bank withdrawal forms. The forger was prosecuted and found guilty of fraud. 

Forgery Identification in Divorce Litigation

In some divorce files, there are questions regarding whether loans or other financial transactions were authorized by the spouses. We assist in providing assessments of handwriting or signatures to determine authorization. 

Sample Files:

  1. A mortgage was taken out on the family home without the knowledge of one of the spouses. We identified the signature as a forgery.
  2. A loan document was purportedly signed by a spouse. We identified this signature as a forgery.