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Business Interruption Claims

We have experience quantifying losses relating to unforeseen events that may cause business interruption, including fire, flood, expropriation, breach of contract. Economic loss evaluation involves understanding the nature of the business and analyzing the impact of the particular business interruption on business income.  

Sample files: 

  1. Waterway Houseboats v. British Columbia (2019 - BCBC 581): This case involved the quantification of business losses as a result of a flood. Our expert report served to assist the court in determining damages. 
  2. Loss due to fire: A restaurant/bakery experienced a fire which resulted in a loss of income by moving inventory and staff to another location during restoration. Our report assisted in explaining the extent of losses suffered by the business.
  3. Loss due to expropriation: A business lost customer traffic when the city installed a median making it difficult for customers to access the business. This created a loss of business income which was quantified in our report.

Personal Injury Claims

We have experience in quantifying income losses as a result of personal injury claims due to various types of accidents which prevent an individual from earning income. Our assessment of income losses involves the calculation of past and future economic losses. The assessment of losses may be complicated if an individual relies on income from a business.  

Sample files:

  1. A doctor loses his ability to perform certain medical procedures as a result of injuries due to a car accident. Our report quantified these losses and allowed for a settlement with ICBC. 
  2.  An individual was injured while sleeping in a hotel room during a business trip. Our expert report quantified the past and future income losses of business income as a result of the injury which resulted in a settlement.
  3. An individual was injured when a box fell from a high shelf in a big box retail store. This left severe injuries preventing the individual from working any longer. Our report quantified the expected future life earnings of this individual.

Wrongful Death Claims

In the event of a wrongful death insurance claim, several factors are reviewed and evaluated including the nature of income prior to the incident and dependency on this income by the survivors. 

Sample files: 

  • An individual dies in a car accident. This individual supported a wife and two children. An analysis of the likely future income of this individual, along with contingencies and dependency factors needs to be considered when determining the loss of future income of this individual. 
  • The parents of a young women who died in an accident are claiming the loss of future income they were expecting from their daughter in their old age. 

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