Business Valuation

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Our Experience

We have over 25 years' experience in conducting business valuation assignments for businesses operating in various industries including: manufacturing, retail, real estate, professional offices (dental, doctor, legal, etc), construction, First Nations, insurance, food service, restaurants and wholesale. We provide expert reports and consultations for various purposes including purchase due diligence, preparation for sale of business, tax reorganization/estate planning, shareholder and divorce transactions/disputes. 

Our Skills

  • Review and analysis of historical financial performance
  • Review of budgets or projections
  • Review of industry and economic information
  • Review of cash flows
  • Review of balance sheet and assessment of market values of assets
  • Review of capital structure
  • Review of factors suggesting commercial goodwill
  • Concluding on the fair market value of the issued shares of a company

Purchase Due Diligence

When making the decision to buy a business it is prudent to have a business valuation done to provide some comfort. We have experience working with brokers and purchasers. 

Sample files:

  1. An investor requires assistance in reviewing the information provided by a broker regarding the potential purchase of a health food store.
  2. An investor requires assistance in reviewing the value of inventory which is a key component of the purchase of an art production factory. 

Selling A Business

When preparing to sell a business, it is important to view the business from the perspective of a potential buyer. We have experience with helping businesses prepare their business for sale. 

Sample files:

  1. A seller of a business is interested in enhancing the value of his business by improving the income statement and balance sheet results.
  2. A seller of a business is interested in improving the value of his business by streamlining his products and services prior to sale to maximize profitability. 
  3. A veterinary clinic wishes to consider a proposal from a buyer to purchase the clinic. The owner of the clinic needs assistance is evaluating the offer. 
  4. A business was sold. The sellers accepted a price which included an earn-out payment based on financial results for a period after the sale. The financial results post-sale were significantly different from expected and as such, an investigation into the financial results was required.  

Tax Reorganizations / Estate Planning

When planning a tax reorganization or estate plan, obtaining a business valuation is important to provide the CRA with comfort regarding the values used in the estate plan. 

Sample file:

  1. A shareholder is nearing retirement and would like to freeze his shareholdings in a corporate group.   

Business Valuation


Shareholder Transactions/Disputes

We have experience determining business value for the purposes of acquisition or divestiture of shareholder interests. 

Sample Files: 

  1. A shareholder passes away and the estate requires a value of his shareholder interest.
  2. A unit holders of a real estate group wishes to sell their units to another individual. 
  3. A shareholder of a company steals proprietary information forcing the company into bankruptcy. The loss of value of the business is support for the losses sustained by the company as a result of the loss of information.
  4.  A company starts an employee stock option plan and needs to know what option price to use. 

Divorce Disputes

When a business forms part of the family assets to be divided, it is important to have an independent appraisal of the fair market value of the business. We have experience providing independent and joint valuation reports. 

Sample files:  

  • A minority shareholder's interest in a company is subject to a divorce proceeding. The value of this interest assists the parties in negotiating a settlement.
  • A divorcing individual is the sole owner of a business which generates all income for the dependent family prior to separation. The spouse wishes to understand the income and value of the business to negotiate a settlement.

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