Divorce Support


Our Experience

We have extensive experience helping individuals through the financial aspect of separation and divorce. Our services include: 

  • Review and analysis of financial disclosures of each party
  • Identification of assets or income that may be missing from financial disclosures
  • Calculation of income available for child and spousal support purposes
  • Review of lifestyle for support purposes
  • Valuing and dividing property 
  • Retirement assets and pensions
  • Tax problems and solutions
  • Financial planning after divorce

Asset Tracing

This work involves a very detailed review of bank accounts and credit card statements to identify any unusual transactions. It also involves a review of changes in assets and debts over time. 

Determination of Support

We have experience reviewing personal and business income for the purposes of determining child and spousal support. We have reviewed the business activities of numerous businesses which factor into the income available to pay child and spousal support.  

Lifestyle Review

This service involves the comparison of income reported on tax forms and sources of income recorded in bank and credit card statements. This review can assist in supporting claims that income reported by a spouse is inconsistent with  thhis/her lifestyle.   

Sample Files

  •  A spouse feels that there are missing bank accounts and wants some assurance of their existence. An investigation reveals a foreign bank account and foreign property that was not known by the spouse during their marriage.
  • A spouse questions how the other spouse used cash earned during their marriage. Through a forensic review of email correspondence, it was determined the funds were used for prostitution.
  • The tax returns of one spouse do not adequately represent the funds available for use by the family. A review of lifestyle and spending reveals that the spouse was not recording all his income on tax returns. 
  • A spouse questions a signature on a document.  
  • A spouse questions why the family business is suddenly losing money after separation. A forensic review reveals that the business was still successful but the revenues were not being recorded. 
  • A spouse claims that a loan from a family member was needed to sustain the couples' finances: however, a closer review reveals that the funds were not used by the spouses but instead by a relative.

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